The Investigation and The State's Evidence (or lack thereof)

Investigation Recap Series
That fateful Day so many years ago . . . December 24, 2002
Christmas Day, 2002
December 26 & 27 : The search warrants and the dog trailing
December 27th search warrant results
Did Brocchini compromise the evidence on the flatbed trailer?
Brocchini hastened to get the Berkeley Marina identified as a crime scene
Activity on December 28th the MPD didn't want anyone to know about
The chameleon slipper

Previous articles on the Investigation

Evidence (or lack thereof)

The Crime Scenes & Evidence seized
Laci's Activities on the 23rd and 24th
The fictitious 10:08-10:18 Window of Opportunity
Trailing Dogs and Cadaver Dogs
Search Areas

Junk Science

Evidence Ignored, Covered up, or Withheld

Laci's Walk
The Medina Burglary
The Harshman Sighting (SII pageBlog article)