Saturday, January 8, 2011

What happens when the State fails to convince?

An acquittal? No, silly, just insert your own theory. Richard Cole notes in his September 7, 2004 article, that "attorneys, reporters and trial watchers" simply replaced the State's theory with their own.
The prosecution's struggling case against Scott Peterson has spawned a parlor game at the Redwood City courthouse -- how else could the Modesto fertilizer salesman have killed his wife?

Prosecutors -- apparently -- contend Peterson killed his wife Laci on the night of Dec. 23, 2002.

He allegedly carried her body to his truck and drove the truck to his warehouse the next morning. He then loaded her into his 14-foot fishing boat, took her to San Francisco Bay and dumped her body near Brooks Island.

But inconsistencies abound in that version. They include the lack of forensic evidence anywhere, and Scott' repeated television and computer use on Dec. 24 when he is supposedly disposing of her body.

That has even the prosecution's strongest supporters skeptical of the official version.

So attorneys, reporters and trial watchers have tried to come up with theories that explain what the prosecution can't.
Cole then lists some of the favorites and gives the reason they fail, too:
  • Dirty and Skeeter theory
  • Ice cream theory (Dean Johnson came up with the original idea)
  • Murder wasn't premeditated
Here's a novel idea: Scott didn't do it.


Bruce Dombrowski said...

"Scott' repeated television and computer use on Dec. 24"

i only recall 10 seconds television use, when he hard the word merengue, and the minute and a half shopping spree looking for a scarf...and ithink h had already been to the bay, then was going thru a timeline that laci might have hadhe not killed her in order to make it appear that she was still alive. giving credence to the theory that she was abducted on her walk

Burkey said...

So you figure on the two trip theory. OK.
Why do you think the cadaver dogs wouldn't have alerted in the house, boat or warehouse? If Laci had been killed and transported?

Burkey said...

The names of those two guys have to give you all a laugh if nothing else.."Dirty" and "Skeeter"