Monday, January 7, 2008

Author says Peterson confessed how and why he killed Laci

The Modesto Bee (Garth Stapley) has a very lengthy review and historical perspective on Donna Thomas' book, "I'm Sorry I Lied to You: The Confession of Scott Peterson."

For details on how Scott committed the murder, she adds very little to what was "suggested" at the trial -- even borrowing from Mark Geragos' question to Brocchini, asking if he thought Scott planned to shoot himself if he was pulled over by a cop on the way to or from the Berkeley Marina. Oh, and she did add one tidbit -- he read a playboy magazine while waiting to be sure no one was around before he actually dumped her body. I bet Rick Distaso, Dave Harris, and Birgit Fladager wish they would have thought of that one!

Garth Stapley does make a very accurate observation about the trial: "Authorities speculated but provided no evidence of when or how Laci Peterson was killed."

Finally, someone publicly admits that Scott Peterson was convicted on speculation, not evidence.