Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remember Real Victims

I recently reviewed several media articles, and came across this excellent and profound description of the Victim's position. I will not disclose the name of the author, for privacy sake, but if the person who wrote this would like me to publicly disclose his name, I will be glad to do so. This letter was published Jan 30, 2004.

Remember real victims

LACI'S TRIAL was held behind closed doors; there were no cameras and no press. There were no formal charges. The trial took place inside the killer's head. Laci did not have the right to an attorney. As a matter of fact, a defense wasn't allowed. There was no judge to assure a fair process, nor a jury to listen to testimony and weigh the evidence. There were no depositions, no preliminary hearings and no witnesses to testify. Nor was exculpatory evidence allowed; discovery was impossible as she was not even aware the trial was taking place. No closing arguments were presented in her case, no alternate theories, no smoke, no mirrors.

In fact she had no defense whatsoever. There was no family to support her innocence. They were unaware as well. She had no Constitutional rights, nor Miranda warning and no presumption of innocence.

She was found guilty and sentenced to death without the right of appeal. The brutal sentence was carried out without the mercy of a needle, and there were no last rites.

Remember the real victims as we listen to the self righteous indignation about the rights of the accused.

Laci Peterson was wronged by a gross injustice. But how does it help her if the wrong person is convicted? It does not. That's why the rights of the accused are protected -- to ensure that the right person is brought to trial and convicted.

Laci deserves justice, and justice means identifying and convicting the person who murdered her and her unborn son. To convict an innocent man, especially her husband, the man she loved and chose to remain with even in the face of his weaknesses (his adultery), is to pile on an even grosser injustice.

It is not to deny Laci's justice that I have taken the stand I have against the conviction of Scott Peterson. It is to ensure that Laci's murderers are brought to justice and that her innocent husband does not become the 3rd victim in this brutal murder.

The only way now to get Justice for Laci and Conner is to get Justice for Scott. Laci and Conner cannot rest in peace until their husband/father is exonerated and their murderers identified.