Saturday, July 17, 2010

What did the State pay for?

I recently reported on the amount ModBee reported for reimbursements to Modesto and Stanislaus County for the cost of the investigation into Laci Peterson's disappearance and the subsequent trial of Scott Peterson. I just came across an article in March 2006 when the reimbursements were made: $1.2M in this new reimbursement to Stanislaus County and $760K previously to Stanislaus County. This $1.2M check was hand delivered by State Controller Steve Westly to Stanislaus County Supervisor Jeff Grover as Sharon Rocha looked on.

"Scott Peterson's trial was a 7-digit hit to local law enforcement. The trial was an unprecedented event. Unfortunately, it caused unprecedented burdens on the police and courts," Westly said. "I hope this check for $1,217,567 will help ease the burden and keep Modesto and Stanislaus County safe. This community shouldn't pay the price for Scott Peterson's crimes."

Mr. Westly, no one paid for Scott Peterson's crimes because he didn't commit any. Adultery is not a crime. What the State of California paid for is the Modesto Police Department not being smart enough to know it had Laci's abductors in custody on Jan 2, 2003. And, Mr. Westly, when Scott Peterson is proven factually innocent, I hope you will be the first in line to offer your apology and the first to insist that Scott Peterson and his family be fully reimbursed for the costs they incurred -- his loss of wages, loss of home, loss of vehicles and other property, and loss of life insurance proceeds, and his family's legal costs, plus damages for pain and suffering. And I hope you'll be the first to demand an investigation into how this multi-million dollar wrongful conviction could occur when the abductors were in police custody on Jan 2, 2003.