Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day is such a great opportunity to express our love for our own Mothers.  It's also a day to reach out in compassion and empathy for those Mothers who suffer seemingly inconsolable grief for the loss of a child.

I've never been the victim of a violent crime, much less one that resulted in the death of a child or a wrongful conviction of a child.  My heart goes out to both sets of Mothers.

It is my prayer that all Mothers grieving over the loss of a child through a violent crime, and all Mothers who grieve over the wrongful conviction of a child, will find comfort in the Grace of Jesus Christ.

And for all those Mothers who grieve over a child taking up a life of crime, may you also find comfort in the Grace of Jesus Christ.

When I first learned about Laci and Scott Peterson, they were strangers to me - total strangers.  I had never been to Modesto and didn't know a single soul involved.  The closest I came to a personal involvement in this case was that I knew who Gary Condit was, and that he was from Modesto CA.  That's it.

There is one Mother in particular that I've had some occasion to observe from a distance, and that is Jackie Peterson.  This Mother has been vilified and condemned by many people who have never spent a moment in her presence, but have judged her by false and misleading media reports and simply because they hated Scott so much that the logical conclusion was to hate his Mother just as much, if not more.

Jackie is not the woman portrayed on the forums and in the media.  She's a very loving, caring, and strong woman.  I found this Mother's poem online and I think it speaks directly to Jackie.  Even though she is not my Mother, I have learned so much from her Christian example.  Thanks, Jackie, for being a Christian.

The Fruit of the Spirit
My mother is a Christian,
In every important way;
The fruit of the Holy Spirit
Is displayed in her every day.

My mother is filled with kindness,
With love and joy and peace;
Her patience and her goodness
Inspire, and never cease.

She follows our Lord Jesus
With faithfulness, and more;
She’s gentle and has self control,
She knows what prayer is for.

Thanks, Mom, for being a Christian,
And showing me how to be;
I’ll follow your example
For all eternity.
By Joanna Fuchs