Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brazelton's lofty views

Referring to the leaked autopsy report for Conner Peterson, Brazelton had this to say:

"It continues to be the view of the District Attorney that the evidence in this case should be presented in court through the testimony of witnesses and not selectively leaked to the news media by unknown persons whom the press will not identify." (Source: NBC11.com, "Coroner Responds To Leaked Autopsy Report," May 29, 2003)

How do these people keep a straight face (or a normal nose) when they spew this crap? How do reporters keep from smirking or laughing out loud?

Scott Peterson was convicted on leaks from "sources close to the investigation" and other aliases.

But maybe what Brazelton meant was, It's okay to give incorrect information, exaggerated information, half-truths, and out-right lies to the media before the Trial, but the "real" evidence should only be presented in court through the testimony of witnesses.

Because that essentially is what happened. None of what was leaked previous to the Trial proved to be true -- it was all lies, or grossly exaggerated, or seriously taken out of context. So when the real evidence was finally presented it was simply over-ridden by the pre-Trial leaks. That's how DA's get convictions when they don't have real evidence to support their theories.