Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ex-detective says he first suspected victim's boyfriend in Modesto murder

Yes, the relationship with the boyfriend was violent enough to suspect the boyfriend had something to do with Dena's disappearance.  But, when a thorough investigation into said suspect produced NO evidence whatsoever, Bertalotto should have been smart enough to figure out that he needed to find a new suspect.  Lucky for Mark Keough, Dena's disappearance didn't get the national spotlight, or else he would have been wrongfully convicted.  Instead, Dena's case just went into the cold file storage, and Bertalotto advanced to being a detective for the DA's office.

Be sure to read the comments -- especially the ones that call for an immediate lynching. That's exactly what people would have done with Keough -- just took him to the nearest tree and strung him up, no matter that he wasn't guilty.  It's because of people like this that our justice system sucks.

Oh, and don't overlook zitalian's post -- s/he wants to punish Jones's parents, too.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some serious accusations against the Stanislaus County DAs office

The following link includes some serious accusations against Steve Jacobson, investigator for the DAs office.  Jacobson was very involved in Scott Peterson's case, having handled the wiretaps and making the transcripts for the Amber calls.