Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ex-detective says he first suspected victim's boyfriend in Modesto murder

Yes, the relationship with the boyfriend was violent enough to suspect the boyfriend had something to do with Dena's disappearance.  But, when a thorough investigation into said suspect produced NO evidence whatsoever, Bertalotto should have been smart enough to figure out that he needed to find a new suspect.  Lucky for Mark Keough, Dena's disappearance didn't get the national spotlight, or else he would have been wrongfully convicted.  Instead, Dena's case just went into the cold file storage, and Bertalotto advanced to being a detective for the DA's office.

Be sure to read the comments -- especially the ones that call for an immediate lynching. That's exactly what people would have done with Keough -- just took him to the nearest tree and strung him up, no matter that he wasn't guilty.  It's because of people like this that our justice system sucks.

Oh, and don't overlook zitalian's post -- s/he wants to punish Jones's parents, too.  


Robert Stanford said...

Comment from the Modesto Bee:

So let me see... Modesto's finest originally thought that the boyfriend did it, because he was the boyfriend (that's all it takes in Modesto) but there was no evidence and less media coverage (then the Peterson case).

Now to the Peterson case... there is no evidence... no crime scene... no blood... NOTHING... and because Scott was the husband... he is suspected, and because of the intense media coverage and with their "shock jock" style of reporting false stories as truthful ones (thinking about Nancy Grace among others)... Scott is convicted of a crime and sits on death row for a killing his wife. I've studied this case, and unless something new is discovered... I have EXCLUDED Scott as the person responsible for Laci's death... Scott is INNOCENT in my opinion... he is excluded like I said.

The robbers across the street (Medina house)... who lied about the date and time they robbed the house as they were confessing to avoid implicating themselves in Laci's disappearance... are far more likely suspects. It's time to get justice for Laci... it's time to reopen the case.

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The guy next door said...

It took me awhile to find it but it is there in the transcripts...

Det. Bertalotto was the person to have Kim Fulbright climb in to the tool box in Scotts truck. Atleast he can now prove once and for all by this mans confession that it is possible to transport a body in a tool bad he was a few years late, and focused on the wrong guy.

That latin qoute...False in one, False in all?

How does this guy keep his job?