Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some serious accusations against the Stanislaus County DAs office

The following link includes some serious accusations against Steve Jacobson, investigator for the DAs office.  Jacobson was very involved in Scott Peterson's case, having handled the wiretaps and making the transcripts for the Amber calls.


The guy next door said...

When a Police officer is involved in deadly force...everything he/she did or did not do, his or her training,qaulifications,state of mind, ect. are examined closely to make sure that the officer who pulled the trigger was justified in his actions to take the life of a human being.

Why is that we dont do the same for investigators, especialy when the life of a human being is on the line, be it life in prison or the death penalty? History has shown us that just because you are a police officer/detective/it does not mean you really know what you are doing.

Robert Stanford said...

I like the above comment - I would say it is more that it does not mean you are necessarily infallible. But the problem that we have is that the motivation in the Scott Peterson case was not about justice at all. It was about how they looked on the camera's.