Friday, October 21, 2011

Will Nancy Grace make it to the Final Four on DWTS?

It's beginning to look like a real possibility that Nancy Grace will make it to the Final Four.  Chaz Bono is by far the worst dancer of the season.  Grace is on the bottom side of the middle-of-the pack group that still includes Rob Kardashian, David Arquette, and Hope Solo.  The top 2 -- Ricki Lake and J. R. Martinez -- lead the pack by a mile, in my opinion.  I don't care who ends up in the final four, as long as it includes both Ricki and J. R. and one of them wins it.

I hated to see Carson Kressley eliminated.  No, he wasn't a good dancer, but overall he wasn't any worse than Grace, Rob, David, and Hope, and he certainly was better than Chaz.  And he had such a huge personality and was so much fun to watch.  It isn't just about dancing; it's about entertainment and connecting to the audience.  J. R. and Ricki not only bring some real dance talent, but they also bring personality and they connect to the audience -- at least I feel a real connection to both of them.

I suspect Chaz Bono has the largest support group; but how big is Grace's?  I have to agree with Len -- Grace's quick step was by far her best dance, she was actually fun to watch, and she did a fairly good job on that "kiss of death" dance, but her other dances have just not been anything to get excited about.  She doesn't dance them badly, she just doesn't bring any personality to them.

My prediction is we may well see the most lopsided final four in DWTS history -- Chaz, Grace, J. R., and Ricki.