Saturday, January 1, 2011

Can't discuss the truth in the courtroom

Steve Jacobson testified for the State on several issues, including the wiretaps. On the last day of his testimony, after being asked about a tapped call from Dan Abrams telling Scott that if he didn't do the interview with him, they'd go on the air and say he wasn't being cooperative. Scott responded that he wasn't going to be blackmailed into an interview. Jacobson and Geragos ended with this exchange:

JACOBSON: Well, I think they were all curious, like we all are today, what the real truth is.
GERAGOS: Right. And, unfortunately, that can change depending on what facts you give, can't they?
JACOBSON: Well, um,
GERAGOS: No further questions.
JUDGE: So that's your answer?
JACOBSON: You know what, Judge, I'm not going to discuss the truth in the courtroom because this all happened.
JUDGE: You can't give your opinions. Any more questions?
DISTASO: No more questions based on that.

Richard Cole, reporter for the Daily News group, wrote in his article a slightly different rendition of Jacobson's last words:

"I think we're all curious as to what the real truth is," the investigator said, and continued talking even after Geragos dismissed him, saying he couldn't "discuss the truth in this courtroom 'cause that just won't happen.'"