Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lies, lies, lies -- nothing but lies!

The sad truth is, "sources close to the case" aka "sources close to the investigation" aka "anonymous sources" told many more lies than Scott Peterson ever dreamed of telling.

This is one of them -- can any one of you find this in any of the Amber taped phone transcripts? Why not? Because it's a lie; a blatant, bald-faced lie! But on August 24, 2003, when this story broke, millions of Americans relished in the joy of finally having some evidence to nail Scott.

In a Fox News exclusive, sources close to the case said that during a taped phone call between Peterson and Frey, Frey asked her former lover whether he'd had anything to do with his wife Laci Peterson's disappearance.

Responded Peterson, according to the sources: "Yes … uh … uh … but no. But I know who did and I'll tell you later when I see you.",2933,95556,00.html

Did any of them change their minds when the hours and hours of tapes played at the trial failed to include this excerpt? Of course not. They just reverted to the same ole same ole "it didn't really matter if this one piece of evidence proved to be a lie, because there were so many other things that proved he was guilty." And when you pin them down, and one by one expose those pieces of evidence as lies, it's like shooting ducks at a carnival -- they just keep popping up with the same already-exposed-as-lies evidence. Their logic reminds me of this scene from Monte Python's Holy Grail

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How much did the Peterson Investigation and Trial Cost?

I've seen various numbers bandied about, but a recent article in the ModBee puts out figures for how much the State reimbursed the MPD and the Stanislaus County DA's office - $1.12M and $860.7K respectively - for a total of $1.98M. The article reports that the reimbursement is "less than half of the combined $4.13 million cost, but was seen as a victory because such requests rarely bring anything."

Sad thing is, most of that $4.13M would never have been spent if the MPD had not blinded itself to the obvious culprits -- the Medina burglars. Laci's abduction could have been solved Jan 2 once the two burglars were in custody. No extensive and very expensive Bay searches, no live surveillance, no GPS systems, no wiretaps, no tape recording devices for girlfriends -- none of that was necessary. All that was needed were a couple cops smart enough to know they were being lied to by the burglars -- but it didn't take much more than a 5th grader to figure that one out, given how blatant the lies were.

Maybe the MPD should have outsourced the investigation to 5th graders.