Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How much did the Peterson Investigation and Trial Cost?

I've seen various numbers bandied about, but a recent article in the ModBee puts out figures for how much the State reimbursed the MPD and the Stanislaus County DA's office - $1.12M and $860.7K respectively - for a total of $1.98M. The article reports that the reimbursement is "less than half of the combined $4.13 million cost, but was seen as a victory because such requests rarely bring anything."

Sad thing is, most of that $4.13M would never have been spent if the MPD had not blinded itself to the obvious culprits -- the Medina burglars. Laci's abduction could have been solved Jan 2 once the two burglars were in custody. No extensive and very expensive Bay searches, no live surveillance, no GPS systems, no wiretaps, no tape recording devices for girlfriends -- none of that was necessary. All that was needed were a couple cops smart enough to know they were being lied to by the burglars -- but it didn't take much more than a 5th grader to figure that one out, given how blatant the lies were.

Maybe the MPD should have outsourced the investigation to 5th graders.

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