Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lies, lies, lies -- nothing but lies!

The sad truth is, "sources close to the case" aka "sources close to the investigation" aka "anonymous sources" told many more lies than Scott Peterson ever dreamed of telling.

This is one of them -- can any one of you find this in any of the Amber taped phone transcripts? Why not? Because it's a lie; a blatant, bald-faced lie! But on August 24, 2003, when this story broke, millions of Americans relished in the joy of finally having some evidence to nail Scott.

In a Fox News exclusive, sources close to the case said that during a taped phone call between Peterson and Frey, Frey asked her former lover whether he'd had anything to do with his wife Laci Peterson's disappearance.

Responded Peterson, according to the sources: "Yes … uh … uh … but no. But I know who did and I'll tell you later when I see you.",2933,95556,00.html

Did any of them change their minds when the hours and hours of tapes played at the trial failed to include this excerpt? Of course not. They just reverted to the same ole same ole "it didn't really matter if this one piece of evidence proved to be a lie, because there were so many other things that proved he was guilty." And when you pin them down, and one by one expose those pieces of evidence as lies, it's like shooting ducks at a carnival -- they just keep popping up with the same already-exposed-as-lies evidence. Their logic reminds me of this scene from Monte Python's Holy Grail


Anonymous said...

Rita Cosby and Catherine Donaldson-Evans wrote that article and Rita is going to hell for sure. I refuse to watch Fox news because of their absolute disregard for reality.

Marlene Newell said...

Cosby and Donaldson-Evans have let down the American people by not living up to the expectations of the founding fathers that a free press would protect the citizens from an abusive government. If Dante were writing the Inferno about our society, I really don't know in which order he'd have these three groups in hell: the lying LE who intentionally leak this incorrect information to pollute the jury pool, the media who aids and abets LE in their efforts, or the public who laps it up and begs for more.

As for Fox News -- to single out one major news source as being the only guilty party in this farce of a case is, IMO, unwarranted. It's a systemic problem -- this rampant demand for breaking news, to be the first one to deliver even a sliver of pretended evidence, pervades the entire media industry. They all employ the same barbaric, lynch mob mentality.

Anonymous said...

Great clip. "What else floats on water?" "Uh....very small rocks?"

The Fox thing is horrible but unsurprising;

As for cable TV, it is all owned by corporate interests whose version of reality--that they present to us through the airwaves--- has a great power over how we think.

One of the greatest lies it tells is that we Americans are divided in two. The division is artificial (and our reps from both parties are in on it).

If everyone were to come to the table, leave their labels behind, and sit down to figure things out, rather than accusing each other, that would be productive for the people---and terribly unproductive for the interests who own cable news (example MSNBC---General Electric---one of the country's biggest weapons makers).