Saturday, April 2, 2011

Scott's attorney files request for extension of time . . .

Scott's attorneys had a deadline of April 1, 2011 to file the first brief in the California Supreme Court direct appeal.  Yesterday, April 1, a request for an extension of time was filed.

So far, the Court has not responded to the request, but it would be highly unusual for it to be denied.  The only question is, what is the new deadline?

ModBee published a brief article about this, and as usual most of the comments were hate-filled and grossly inaccurate.  Two of the inaccuracies I noted just reading a half-dozen or so comments are:  1) the bodies were found in the same location where he went fishing, and 2) Scott used bleach to mop up and clean up.

First, the bodies weren't in the same place -- 2 miles away is not the same place.  More importantly, significant objective evidence proves the baby didn't even wash ashore, and that the baby hadn't been in utero since Dec 24. Evidence, obviously, that the hate-filled public doesn't want to admit exists.

Second, there was no smell of bleach and no indication whatsoever that bleach had been used, and no evidence whatsoever of a clean-up.  It's not only sad that so many think an innocent man is guilty of such a horrendous crime, but they don't even have correct information.

Come on hate-mongers, at least get your facts straight.