Monday, January 7, 2008

Author says Peterson confessed how and why he killed Laci

The Modesto Bee (Garth Stapley) has a very lengthy review and historical perspective on Donna Thomas' book, "I'm Sorry I Lied to You: The Confession of Scott Peterson."

For details on how Scott committed the murder, she adds very little to what was "suggested" at the trial -- even borrowing from Mark Geragos' question to Brocchini, asking if he thought Scott planned to shoot himself if he was pulled over by a cop on the way to or from the Berkeley Marina. Oh, and she did add one tidbit -- he read a playboy magazine while waiting to be sure no one was around before he actually dumped her body. I bet Rick Distaso, Dave Harris, and Birgit Fladager wish they would have thought of that one!

Garth Stapley does make a very accurate observation about the trial: "Authorities speculated but provided no evidence of when or how Laci Peterson was killed."

Finally, someone publicly admits that Scott Peterson was convicted on speculation, not evidence.


cougermom said...

Kudos to Garth Staplet.Cougermom

lisa said...

I feel that Scott Peterson is innocent and has been wrongfully convicted. I only hope for him and his family that justice finally does prevail and Scott is released and the true killer or killers are found. I will continue to support Scott and his family all the way.-Lisa Bermudez

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable...What some people will do to make a buck...

Anonymous said...

This woman's book is full of nothing but lies. I am sure she knows the Peterson's, but I don't believe he confessed anything to her unless what he was telling her was, he was sorry he had lied to everyone about his affair with Amber and he was sorry he lied to Amber about being single and rich, being in Paris when he wasn't and so on.
She in turn decided to make it sound as though he confessed to killing Laci because no one would publish or buy her first book when she proclaiming his innocence.
She threatens to sue anyone who says anything negative about her or the book.