Thursday, October 25, 2007

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren -- Update about Scott Peterson's Appeal, Conclusion

Last night, Megan, Greta's fill-in, said some Scott supporters would be on tonight, and implied that we would be surprised at their identity.

The only guest she had on tonight was John Guinasso, one of the Jurors. Of course, he is committed to Scott's conviction. So what happened to the other guests? Megan did not mention that those interviews would be aired at a later date.

Megan asked Guinasso if he thought Scott got a fair trial. Duh! What did she think he was going to say.

Guinasso defended the actions of fellow-juror Beratlis, who is the juror who got into the boat and rocked it. He said the original 12 jurors were the only ones who had seen the boat, and so the viewing of the boat was for the benefit of the alternate, because the Judge instructed them to start deliberations over again.

Guinasso is wrong. Let's refresh his memory with this timeline:

Jun 23 - Justin Falconer is removed from the Jury, and replaced by Gregory Jackson
Jul 27 - The Jurors view the boat
Nov 5 - The Jurors requested to see the boat
Nov 8 - The Jurors viewed the boat, at which time Beratlis rocked it
Nov 9 - Fran Gorman was removed from the Jury
Nov 10 - Gregory Jackson was removed from the Jury

Guinasso also said that Gregory Jackson wanted to be dismissed as early as 2 days into the deliberations. I suppose it took Guinasso longer than he expected to push Jackson out. Remember, Guinasso has publicly taken credit for helping to remove all 3 jurors -- Falconer, Gorman, and Jackson.

Guinasso is confident that if Scott's conviction is overturned that it will be because of something that happened in chambers, not because of juror misconduct. I agree that there are probably plenty of things that went on in chambers that are appellate issues, but the Peterson jurors will not be spared being told that their misconduct contributed to having Scott's verdict overturned.


kitty said...

Greta certainly didn't do a thorough job of examining the evidence that supports Scott's innocence. I'm sure that the Scott supporters in her audience are very disappointed by her superficial coverage.

I doubt that John Guinasso was the originally scheduled guest. But "On the Record" couldn't have made a worse choice than this one. This is the man who intimidated the judge and was responsible for the removal of 3 jurors.

Anonymous said...

Guinasso is confident that if Scott's conviction is overturned that it will be because of something that happened in chambers, not because of juror misconduct.
In his dreams. Guinasso will have a lot to answer for in the end as well as other participants in this circus they called a trial.


Anonymous said...

This guy is still going after his 15 minutes of fame. Wasn't he the one who fell asleep during the trial?

Anonymous said...

If you read the media, you may not get the truth. No, I was the one that remembered the most about the trial during deliberations. Ask any of the eleven jurors that were in the room.

Marlene Newell said...

Anonymous, thank you for responding to the previous comment and setting the matter straight. We wonder what else the media got
wrong about the trial, and especially about the innerworkings of the