Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren -- Update about Scott Peterson's Appeal

For those of you that missed it, on Tuesday nite, Greta's coverage consisted only of a recap of Laci's disappearance and the investigation, trial and conviction of Scott.

Tonite, Greta covered 3 points that Scott's supporters claim warrant a new trial.
  • The jurors got into the boat and conducted their own test during deliberations
  • The concrete weights, alleged to have been used to weigh Laci down, were never found in spite of extensive searches after Laci and Conner were found
  • The Jury changed three times, twice after deliberations began

What was not included, because of the extensive southern California fire coverage, were interviews with some people close to Scott and his appeal. The teaser is that we will be surprised by their identities and what they have to say.

These interviews will be shown tomorrow night.

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