Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On the Record with Greta Van Susteren -- Update about Scott Peterson's Appeal

From Greta's website:

Tuesday, October 23:

He murdered his wife and unborn baby. Now, three years later, Greta examines Scott Peterson's appeal.

The 2-part series starts tonight 'On the Record'


IMHO said...

Hi there!! Look forward to seeing...haven't heard anything in a long while. Regarding the book that is coming out about Scott's so-called confession...is that a come on title but not a real confession I wonder? Anyhow, if he did confess then would he admit that he confessed? Doubt it!! In any event it will garner a lot of chat and minutae dissection, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Last night, Greta said Laci was "decapitated".

Preston said...

Greta did not com on here. they aired fire related stuff.