Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Featured Facts

In the early years after Scott's conviction, his family wrote a series of Featured Facts that emphasized how the evidence points to Scott's innocence or to give explanations that weren't presented at trial.  Since it has been such a long time since these were published, and many may have forgotten about them and others haven't read them at all, we thought we'd post them here serially.

The very first featured fact is titled "Opportunity."  

"We cannot address all the other facts of this case until we first address where Laci and Conner's bodies were found. No matter how many facts we feature that point toward Scott's innocence, the question will always be asked, 'But what about the bodies?' . . . So we submit to you: It is a fact that someone other than Scott had the opportunity to put Laci and baby Conner's bodies where they were."

Read the entire Featured Fact.

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Jane said...

It has always amazed me that people who consider themselves to be very intelligent cannot grasp the idea that anyone other than Scott had the means, motive, and opportunity to plant the bodies at the bay.