Thursday, September 24, 2015

Featured Fact: Scott's Timeline

Scott's Timeline

Scott was asked about the events of December 24th many times. This timeline is assembled from 18 different sources. These sources include a videotaped interview with the police, an interview with a Department of Justice agent, wire tapped phone calls where Scott did not know he was being recorded, conversations with police officers, a media interview and casual conversation.

This was not a rote story he told over and over from beginning to end. He told various people different pieces of what he did on December 24th and all those pieces fit together perfectly with no contradiction. His story never changed, and over time, many of his statements were proven to be true. Not one was shown to be a lie.

Not only does this timeline show how truthful Scott was about the events of December 23rd and 24th, but it shows the lack of opportunity he had to commit the crime he's been convicted of. 

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