Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Extension of Time granted

Case: S132449, Supreme Court of California

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):                      2012-04-05
Event Description:                           Extension of time granted
On application of appellant and good cause appearing, it is ordered that the time to serve and file appellant's opening brief is extended to and including June 1, 2012.


LA Curry said...

Thanks, Marlene. I happened to pull up the CA site yesterday and also saw you know what this means?

04/03/2012 Motion to unseal record filed     appellant's application for order unsealing portions of record on appeal.

I know how the insomnia can affect a person, first take your time and heal well...I have a feeling I am going to be looking for lots of insight once this brief is finally filed. :)

Marlene Newell said...

Thanks, LaCurry. I keep reminding myself that one good night's sleep isn't going to undo nearly 4 months of serious sleep deprivation. But I'm into my 3rd week of decent sleep, so it looks hopeful.

I received the notice I posted through email, and hadn't even checked to see if there any others (besides the application for extension), so I wasn't aware of this one.

I assume it means that Scott's attorneys want access to all of those sealed hearings. I would have thought that would be automatic, that any subsequent attorney would have the right to those transcripts, but maybe it doesn't work that way, maybe his attorneys have to specifically request that they be unsealed.

And there were a lot of sealed hearings. The lawyer pundits were always commenting on how many there were, an unprecedented number.