Saturday, November 24, 2007

The "new developments" in the Hollaway case are very disturbing

Yesterday we reprinted an article that reported: new evidence comes from recently monitored telephone calls between the three suspects.

Another article from paints a different picture (underlining added for emphasis).

The investigators used advanced techniques to re-examine existing information, including cell phone records and text messages exchanged the night Holloway disappeared. They found some discrepancies, Mos said.

As part of their work, investigators returned to the homes of the suspects to try to re-create transmissions.

The team also discovered that some existing evidence was improperly analyzed, he added.

This sounds like a chapter from Making Evidence fit the Suspect 101. I sincerely hope that these investigators aren't so desperate to bring closure to this case that they are manipulating evidence to make it produce the results they want -- that is a definite breeding ground for a wrongful conviction.

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Bruce Dombrowski said...

wish they would have held that guy with made up evidence, that other girl would still be alive...