Sunday, November 18, 2007

A New Book on Scott Peterson -- comments from our readers

We have received several comments on our October 17 article about the new book on Scott Peterson due to come out in December, called "The End to the Laci Peterson Mystery: Scott Peterson Finally Confesses."

One comment just received posed these questions: "Marlene, why would you promote this book? Are you tied to it?"

No, I don't have any ties to this book, and I am not promoting it. I simply reported it as news.

My guess is that this book is not going to change any one's mind about Scott Peterson's guilt or innocence and certainly won't end the mystery to Laci Peterson's death. Unless she reveals how and when and why Scott Peterson moved Conner's and Laci's bodies to places that ensured he would be convicted. Because one thing I am sure of is that Conner did not wash ashore. And if he didn't, then neither did Laci. She may have been dropped into the Hoffman channel, and thus "technically" washed ashore, but she wasn't put in the Bay on December 24 -- by Scott Peterson or anyone else.

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