Thursday, September 21, 2017

Can't see the forest for the trees

The title statement simply means that sometimes people are too close to a situation (the trees) to see the bigger picture (the forest).  But when you stand a ways back, and aren't so emotionally invested in the guilty verdict, the evidence starts to make sense, and it says quite plainly, Scott is Innocent.

Here's an article from Daily Mail in the UK that is well worth the read.  It highlights the Diane Jackson sighting of the van and 3 men in front of the Medina home on the morning of 12-24-02, and Ted Rowlands adamant assertion that the Medina burglary did not happen on the morning of the 26th, as claimed by Todd and Pearce and believed by the MPD, because he did the early show for his TV station and he was there, right in front of the Peterson house that morning starting at 5 am, keeping a very intense lookout for anyone he might be able to interview live for his show.

The Daily Mail is a British tabloid, like the Enquirer is a US tabloid.  But unlike so many of the Enquirer articles during the investigation and trial that only cited "sources close to the investigation," or "sources close to the family, " or something similar, never giving a name or face to the source, this articles does give names and faces to its sources.

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