Monday, March 30, 2015

Justice For Scott Peterson Facebook Community Page is open for discussion

On August 21, 2010, I created a Facebook Community Page to complement this blog and SII.  In August 2011, the public interest in this case had diminished and I got quite busy with other things, so I deactivated the page.

Now seems a good time to reactivate the page to provide an opportunity for public discussion.

Check us out at Justice for Scott Peterson Community Page.


Shereece Walker said...

I am not saying I believe either way; I was not there and don't know facts on case. I do remember that, Amber Frey, was a big impact in his case and that he supposedly was wanting to be with her but from what I understand she wasn't anymore than a "fling"(no offense) and he had already given her a excuse to why he wouldn't be with her on New Years so it sounds to me he planned on being with Laci. I pray truth prevails and pain can heal. I know unanswered questions are nightmares that leave you awake. My uncle was murdered and his killer was let out of prison for failing health...what a irony.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shereece,
Just like you, I was where you are at the moment, at the crossroads. But through reading court documents, transcripts, testimonies (so facts and facts only), as well as chatting to, I dare to say, experts in this very controversial case, I could not be more sure now that Scott Peterson is an innocent man and we are doing everything possible to prove just that. You have touched some very valid points and I would like to invite you to a public group on Facebook, where everyone there would be very happy to answer all questions you may have and explain the issues that bother and torment so many people till this day. Here is a direct link:

Hope to see you there soon.