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A review of Geraldo's 10-year special

Someone commented on the Recent News article that Geraldo's show on Saturday night was a good review of the case.  Unfortunately, Geraldo's staff failed to do any fact checking.  Hare are some notable inaccuracies and other curiosities.

First, Brocchini said that after Scott returned home from fishing, he showered, ate some cold pizza, and checked his email.  No, Scott did not check his email.  I suppose, to give Brocchini the benefit of the doubt, he confused what Scott did after he got home from fishing with what he did before he went fishing.  Or he deliberately embellished.  To quote Fox News Channel, we report, you decide.

Second, Greg Reed made a claim that simply is not supported by the transcripts and other court documents.
Greg Reed: "There were multiple messages from a frantic Scott 'uh have you seen you know where Laci is at?' And these were over a period of about 2 1/2 hours, uh..."

Kristin Reed: "'Did Kristin talk to her?'"

Greg Reed: "'Did Kristin talk to her today?', uh, one thing I pointed out to the authorities from the messages, it took them a long time to come listen to them, is that it was very clear there was noise, tire noise, road noise, he was driving every time he had called."

Interviewer: So he was on the road when he was calling you?

Greg Reed: "Right"

Interviewer: Probably driving back from the Berkeley Marina?

Greg Reed: "That appeared to be what was going on".

From Scott's phone records and from Reed's testimony, we know that Scott called Reed at 2:34 p.m. and talked to him for 6 minutes.  Scott was calling on the way home from the Marina, and Reed acknowledged that in his testimony, that Scott was returning Reed's call and that they talked about New Year's Eve plans.  Scott's next call to Reed was at 5:46 p.m., obviously a voice message because it was only 1 minute, when Scott is already known to be home, not still driving on the road.  This is the call that Reed described as "frantic."  In his testimony, Reed makes no mention of tire noise or road noise during this call.  Scott called Reed again at 6:46 p.m., another voicemail.  This last call is not discussed in Reed's testimony.  It's hard to believe that Reed's memory is so bad that he couldn't differentiate between the afternoon call about New Year's Eve activities while Scott indeed was on the "road" and the evening "frantic" call when Scott was obviously already at home and the search for Laci was already in progress.

Third, Geraldo's review repeated the nonsense that Scott told "everyone" he had gone golfing that day, then changed it to fishing after he feared he had been seen by people at the Marina.  Let's break this down in a timeline.

  • Amy reported that Scott told her on the evening of the 23rd that he planned to golf the next day.
  • Scott told Brocchini and Grogan that fishing was a last minute morning decision on the 24th.
  • Scott went to the Berkeley Marina, got the parking ticket, and motored out to Brooks Island.  Presumably, by the time he's on his way home to Modesto, he already knows that he was seen and would have to change his alibi to admit he was at the Marina.  
  • Scott returned home to find Laci missing and contacted Sharon Rocha first.
  • Scott went across the street to Krigbaum's and she reported that Scott said he was golfing all day.  
  • Scott was interviewed by the responding cops.  He told them he went fishing.  
  • Later that evening, he told Ron Grantski that he'd gone fishing.
  • Still later that evening, he told Harvey Kemple that he had been golfing.
It's obvious, even if you believe Scott's guilty, that Krigbaum and Kemple were wrong in their conclusion that Scott said he had been golfing.   So to say that Scott told people he had been golfing and then changed it to fishing is utter nonsense.  

Fourth, the discussion on the whistle heard from Scott on Jan 11th.  On Jan 9th, the MPD reported that sonar had picked up an image at the end of the old fishing pier at the Berkeley Marina, and divers were looking for the object, expecting to find a body.  The search was concluded that day without success and the 11th scheduled for the continued search.  When Scott listened to a voice mail from Sharon Rocha telling him that the "body" was an old anchor, Scott is said to have whistled.  The tape was played by Geraldo, and yes a faint whistle could be heard.  Brocchini explained that Scott was obviously relieved they had not found a body because "he knew we were looking in the right spot."  Well, let's look at the facts. The old fishing pier at the Berkeley Marina is not where Laci and Conner were found, nor to where Cheng traced the bodies.  So, even if you think Scott is guilty, there's no reason whatsoever for Scott to fear Laci had been found on Jan 11.  Just more of the unevidence that the State used to convict Scott.

Fifth, Ernie Limon's characterization of Scott running to the border is ridiculous.  Limon said Scott knew the DNA was to come out that day.  I guess Limon thinks Scott had been living in a cave and didn't know that since Monday, April 14, everyone anticipated the bodies were Laci and Conner, and there were press releases and press conferences daily about the pending identification of the bodies.  Any reasonable person knows that if Scott was guilty and intended to flee from prosecution, that he would have done so immediately when the news broke about the bodies being found.  

Sixth, the camping expert that commented that Scott could have survived 2 weeks on the camping gear in his car at the time of the arrest, wasn't asked, And what would he do after that?  See, these people don't think things through.  They come up with the first guilt-inspired gut reaction and spout it off only to make fools of themselves.  The fact is, Scott bought those camping supplies BEFORE Laci's and Conner's bodies were found.  He also bought the Mercedes BEFORE the bodies were found.  He also died his hair BEFORE the bodies were found.  And yes, hair that is dyed will change color in a swimming pool.  I was actually amused when Geraldo showed the one photo taken on 2-18-03.  Scott is sitting in his truck and Grogan is talking to him through the window, and Scott already has a noticeable goatee.  But the facial hair on the day of the arrest is cited as "evidence" that Scott was evading the police.

Seventh, Geraldo's promo said he would "test the evidence," that convicted Scott.  We still ask, what evidence?  Geraldo produced nothing of evidentiary value in his less than "fair and balanced" special.  Oh, I agree that it's enough to raise some suspicion, but a reasonable person would expect that most of the special would then be devoted to real evidence sufficient to convict beyond a reasonable doubt.  But that's not what happened because there is no real evidence.

Eighth, Geraldo put himself squarely in the media frenzy that ensured this conviction.  He is quite proud of his visit to the Volunteer Center very early in the investigation where he confronted Scott and told him to be a man and confess.  And he's steadfastly carried the guilt mantra ever since. 

Ninth, Juror Julie's belief that Scott's motive was to get rid of Conner.  Juror Mike had said the same thing in another anniversary interview.  So why did the jury then settle on 2nd degree for Conner?  Obviously, there wasn't unanimity on that vote, but Julie and Mike and perhaps others gave in.  Was that part of a jury deal -- you vote to convict on 1st degree for Laci and we'll acquiesce to 2nd degree for Conner?  

Tenth, Geraldo's insistence that since Conner was unborn, he couldn't be murdered is the basis of Scott's appeal is ridiculous.  Yes, he includes Geragos making that statement, but that claim is no where in the appeal brief Scott's attorney has filed.  This is just something Geraldo seized upon to make Scott's appeal chances look ridiculous.  

Eleventh, the interview of Nancy Mullane, another who voices a very negative opinion about Scott and yet has never even met the guy, much less interviewed him.  You can read about her book here and here, and also an article about her visit to San Quentin is here.  In the article, she doesn't say a single thing about seeing Scott Peterson.  I'm surprised Geraldo didn't ask her if she was in love with the 5 men she wrote about in her book.  After all, isn't that the only reason any woman would stand in defense of any convicted man?  

Twelfth, Geraldo's insistence that Scott is living a cushy life, a life of luxury at San Quentin is nothing but a bald-faced attempt to stir up more anger and vile hatred for Scott.  Perhaps Geraldo should volunteer to spend 10 years on death row, starting out in the Adjustment Center, moving to East Block and then up to North Seg.  Then he can report back on how cushy and luxurious life is at San Quentin.

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