Friday, November 9, 2012

Nancy Grace re-investigates the Scott Peterson case

Tonight, Friday 11-9-12, at 8 pm EST, Nancy Grace will revisit the Scott Peterson case on HLN.
Love, lies, an extramarital affair, a secret life… and murder. The true story of Laci & Scott Peterson. After a seemingly loving husband and expectant father is convicted of murdering his pregnant wife we are still no closer to knowing what really happened that fateful night. Did Laci look into her husbands eyes when he killed her? After living a secret double life for awhile, why did Scott Peterson turn to murder? The truth revealed as Nancy re-investigates one of America’s most infamous crimes.
Here's a tip, Grace -- if after a trial you still don't know what happened, hmmm maybe the wrong person was on trial.  Think so?  Possible?  Nah, you know he's guilty so that ends that.  That leaves only the question of whether you will reveal some new misinformation, or simply regurgitate the same misinformation you have spewed for years?  

The facebook page, Scott Peterson Case - Truth Be Told, will be critiquing Grace's re-investigation.

See you all there . . .


Lon Winters said...

Hi Marlene, I hope you're doing well. Glad to see there's current content on the site, I've just re-subscribed to the mailing list as my email changed. I had a suggestion that may be interesting, in fact the recent posts are similar. But how about posting a daily chronology of events, a decade later? Perhaps start with a brief overview of the preceding months, then pick it up daily on Thanksgiving? Just a thought - ten years already, it's hard to believe. Let me know if I can help with anything. Lon

Marlene Newell said...

Lon, good to see you again. Excellent idea, and I had started such a project last year, but it proved too much to keep up with. We'd have to have a group of writers working together, each on a certain day.