Monday, October 29, 2012

Why don't these issues matter?

Jane commented:
These are questions that have never been answered by the people who believe Scott Peterson is guilty:
How do you justify the failure of the MPD to promptly investigate:
1. the sightings of Laci walking in the neighborhood on the morning of Dec. 24?
2. the Harshman tip?
3. the Aponte tip?
4. the 3 men with the van seen by Diane Jackson?
5. the Croton watch and the woman who pawned it?
6. the use of the home computer between 8:40-8:45 on the morning of Dec. 24?
Jane, the answer I repeatedly get is, "they got the right man in the end, so it doesn't matter if they made some mistakes during the investigation."  And some praise the MPD for not letting themselves be distracted with this stuff, but keeping their focus on Scott, and it paid off.

These same people refuse to even admit that the Medina burglary occurred on the morning of the 24th.  Perhaps if they could take their blinders off long enough to admit that, they might start to take notice.

However, I have no idea what is necessary to get people to admit that the Medina burglary occurred in the morning of the 24th.  We've proven Todd could not have seen the mail inside the Medina mailbox and that he lied about where he was on the 24th. The Aponte tip links Todd directly with Laci on the morning of the 24th, and there is other evidence that Laci was alive on the 24th.

But because people can't be given a precise timeline when it all happened, and not every detail can be supplied, they refuse to take this evidence seriously.  Which is quite ironic given how many details Distaso flat-out admitted at trial the State couldn't provide.

There is still a $250,000 reward for information leading to Scott's exoneration.  There's also a $5,000 reward for the recovery of Laci's croton watch.  With so many people out there having enough information to benefit from these rewards, it's a real shame to let them go to waste.


Jane said...

All of these things are possibly exculpatory for Scott. None of them were investigated promptly. Some of them were never investigated.

There is no excuse for the MPD's failure to do so. None.

And they did not get the right man in the end. They convicted an innocent man and sentenced him to death in order to justify their dishonest investigation and prosecution.

Robert Stanford said...

There was a recent triple homicide in East Modesto - the details of which concerning how the police handled situations that led up to it and possibly even caused it are frightening and horrific.

Except that - I interviewed the mother of one of the victims (the minor, Lil' David) and she is adamant that she was originally the actual target of the Laci homicide - that Lacey was mistaken for her.

Lot of red paint here, but just from this case alone, I am 100 percent convinced that Petersons evidence of exoneration is well known by our local Justice System.

The lime light can be very powerful and have life long effects. When I see the photos from the posing of the DA staff and others during the trial and then look at the cases today that I am advocating for, I cannot help but think of the fate of Schmegal from lord of the rings literature - how he turned into gollum because of the power of what many interpret to be ego - the lime-light of celebrity.

Marlene Newell said...

Robert, why does the mother thinks she was the target, not Laci? Who does she think killed Laci? If you don't want to post this publicly, please email me.

Robert Stanford said...

This is still an ongoing thing - I am still trying to validate the credibility of the Mother - but then again - she is also an emotional casualty of the triple homicide, considering that her son was killed (whom was a friend of mine as well in Airport) - I was getting the impression that it was interlaced with some perps from Airport that had previously broken into a house in the Peterson's neighborhood. I will try to email you some more info. (though it will not be much) of what I cannot (should not) post publicly that makes me have a hard time with the credibility issue - but the circumstances that led to the triple homicide itself - is very telling of what may have led to Scotts "presumption of guilt" - hope that is not too fragmented.

Robert Stanford said...
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Robert Stanford said...

I have lost a lot of fair weather friends since I started pointing out the grave errors in the Scott Peterson case, therefore, I am sure that I can freely speak my mind on a site that does the same thing.

I have to be in court this Friday for my largest to date advocacy case of wrongful prosecution - the same players are involved from the local Scanislaus "Justice?" system departments that were involved in not just the Scott Peterson case but several other cases that have gotten the radar on high alert from the Innocence Project.

Being an advocate in the Airport District has been extremely difficult in an emotional traumatizing way for me, so to make my observations, etc. palatable to the general public, I have striven to promote an image of parady, weirdness and satire. However, I have recently come to realize that my audience is not so much the general public as it is specific people and agencies that are of the same mind as myself in my quest for the truth and the support of the truly innocent (or those that I have come to believe to be truly innocent such as Scott Peterson).

I wrote a letter to Scott peterson in jail - but soon after got information that some "competing activists" went to his parents house, to "warn them about me" - and therefore - I have not heard anything from the letter that I wrote to him, though it has received the most attention of anything I have ever published online regarding my advocacy.

I wanted to cite this letter here - this was early on when I realized that there were many parallels in Scott's case to the cases that I have been working on.

Letter to Scott Peterson at San Quentin

RoseMontague said...

Jane, I posted on most of these questions many times while you were participating on the same forum. Maybe you just didn't like the answers?

Jane said...

Rose, you never answered the questions.

RoseMontague said...

Jane. As I have indicated elsewhere, I can review the evidence that we do have, not what the cops may have found if they had followed up on everything. If you think any of this exonerates SP based on what we do know, I will be happy to discuss it. My opinion on the Laci walking the dog sightings is well known and I have indicated these witnesses could have shown that SP was lying about what Laci was doing that morning and when.

Jane said...

Rose, for the time being, let's focus on the MPD failure to investigate these things. How do you justify that?

Marlene Newell said...

Rose, it doesn't appear to me to be very practical to lie about one's alibi. If I intended to use walking the dog as the venue by which Laci was abducted, I'd like to be sure that the time I said she was walking matched any reported times for sightings by any persons who happened to see her and the dog. Wouldn't that be the expectation, that someone would see her and confirm that she was actually out walking the dog at the time I said she was?

2nd point, not all who saw Laci actually saw Laci. We know there were other pregnant women in the neighborhood, some people get their days mixed up, others simply have a vivid imagination. However, there is a group of witnesses who saw Laci around the same time and in the same area, and they came forth independent of each other.

3rd point, you have a real timing problem to think that Laci was walking her dog out at 9:30 and Scott killed her when she returned before 10:08. That's a lot to do.

I understand your point that if Geragos had called any of the walk-witnesses, that the State could have just said your time proves Scott lied. However, do you really think eye witnesses can be that exact on their time? Ron Grantski wasn't exact on his timeline for the day's activities, using 1 hour estimates. Sharon Rocha wasn't exact on her time estimate for going to the movies, and she and Sandy Rickard gave different estimates.

Karen Servas originally stated at almost exactly 10:30, and then changed it to 10:18. Servas also said she left at 5:05 that evening for a dinner engagement, but it was actually 4:05.

Why aren't Scott and the walk-witnesses cut the same slack?

It's a myth that people remember exact times.

RoseMontague said...

I think the odds increase that the time is accurate when you have 4 witnesses all claiming the 9-10am range, especially if some have a receipt to help them remember or had to be somewhere at a certain time.

I would agree with only one or even two witnesses the odds are not as good that the memory of the time is certain.

My bet is that the defense would have called the one witness that put it a good bit later than 10am if she had not passed away, these other witnesses only cast doubt on Scott's story of what Laci was doing that morning, in my opinion.

Jane, I have followed many of these types of cases. It is not unusual to see the cops fail to investigate something I think they should have or to focus on their pet theories. It's sad in many ways but without having the evidence form such an investigation from either the cops or someone hired by the defense, I I don't see where it helps Scott.

Marlene Newell said...

Rose, which 4 witnesses claim 9-10 a.m.?

And which had a receipt to show the time?

I'm confused which walk-witnesses you have in mind. Can you give me the names?

The walk-witnesses that we believe are credible are:

Homer Maldonado -- 9:45-10:00 a.m. he was buying gas, and after he left the station, he saw Laci and McKenzie at the corner of Covena and Miller.

Then these 3 witnesses all saw Laci around the same time near the small, grassy triangular park on La Loma between Santa Barbara and N. Santa Ana.

Tony Freitas -- around 10 a.m.

Martha Aguilar -- around 10 a.m.

Gene Pedrioli -- around 10 a.m.

Maldonado's tips were ignored by the MPD until July 2004. Freitas likewise was never contacted by the MPD until July 29, 2004. Aguilar was never interviewed by the MPD. Neither was Pedrioli.

You can see a map at However, since that was written, in April 2008, we now believe Laci turned North at Wilson. But the map shows you the location of the Maldonado sighting relevant to the other 3 sightings and to where Laci lived.

RoseMontague said...

None of these other 3 use the words "around 10am". The 10am is simply the latest time that they saw her.

Freitas said that he saw a pregnant woman walking a golden retriever. He'd noticed her on his route before. Later, after seeing Laci's photo in the paper, he recognized her as the woman with the dog. Freitas estimated the time was between 9:00 am and 10:00 am

Neighbor Martha Aguilar had no problem recognizing Laci. She estimated she spotted her walking the dog between 9:45 am and 10:00 am on December 24 while she drove on La Loma.

The Modesto police dispatch log shows two calls from Gene Pedrioli, who spotted a woman whom he thought was Laci about the same time as the other witnesses did. He had to pick up a prescription at his pharmacy at 10:00 am and noticed the golden retriever because it was the same color as his own dog.

Marlene Newell said...

Rose, they all saw her in the same area. Maldonado was first, and he estimated the time he was getting gas to be between 9:45-10:00 a.m.

Aguilar is also pretty specific, 9:45-10:00 a.m.

Pedrioli was on his way to the pharmacy to pick up that prescription, so he's pretty clear about it being around 10 a.m., as the pharmacy is very near that area where she was seen.

Freitas's estimate includes up to 10 a.m.

I find it hard to translate all of that into the 4 witnesses seeing her between 9 and 10 a.m., or ascribing her walk-time to 9:30, returning home in time to be murdered by Scott and he leave the house at 10:08.

It seems to me the reasonable conclusion is that they saw her "around 10 a.m."

But at least I know that we are talking about the same 4 witnesses. So that's good. I didn't continue to follow the conversations on Injustice Anywhere because of Laci's Voice's cyber-bullying. We have good evidence that Laci's Voice is the person I wrote about in "Here we go again." It's not fair for us to allow your forum to be used for cyber-bullying -- you guys are a good bunch and do a good work.

LA Curry said...

I think everyone is forgetting one important thing....and that is that just because the dog was found around a certain time and put back into the yard at a certain time, that that does not put a time on the crime at all.

The police only WANT to make it seem like an issue to throw people off so they can get their conviction. In all honesty, Laci could have been alive for days after the dog was put back into the yard. There was no evidence as to the time of death and there was only a guess as to how long she had been in the water.