Thursday, October 25, 2012

Here we go again . . .

It's quite alarming to see the undue attention I've gotten over the years from a small group of people who are rabid in their hatred towards Scott Peterson and anyone who advocates for his innocence.  The accusations against me over time range from being fired to illegally claiming disability to defrauding Mark Geragos out of money collected for Scott's defense.  Of course, the persons making these accusations never provide evidence -- because none exists.

There is now a person posting on the Facebook page "Scott Peterson Case: Truth be Told" by the name of Howard Gere who is not only repeating all of those age-old unfounded accusations but also claims I have made death threats on SII ( and this blog against Sharon, Amber, Distaso, and Sneddon.

Of course, Howard hasn't produced any evidence of either the age-old accusations or these death threats.  That's because there isn't any evidence to produce.  Zip, nothing, nada.

By the way, who is Sneddon?


Jane said...

This person who is now calling himself Howard Gere is a coward. He is using the anonymity provided by the internet to post threats, accusations, and lies about anyone who dares to support Scott Peterson's innocence. Marlene, as the most public advocate of Scott's innocence, has had to deal with most of this.

Here's another example of the kind of comment posted by Howard Gere, just one of his many identities, to Marlene:

Your days are numbered and we look forwards to using everything you claim which are lies against you in court. Keep on shooting yourself in the foot. MPD aren't shaking in their boots, but you should be.........

Robert Stanford said...

That's absolutely horrible, but certainly not unexpected.

Martyrs come in many different forms, but always suffer the same fate.

Stay strong and continue to follow your heart, rather than your hate.

You are a great example for all of us.

LA Curry said...

Gosh, this person seems to think they have the character of a person determined over the Internet? Marlene, keep a copy of all these comments, while you have been threatened in such a manner that would elicit a response in your favor in any court in our great country, this person could be dangerous, as they obviously know nothing about the law. I would be more than happy to appear and testify on your behalf, you have done nothing wrong. Any person that would post a threat concerning taking you to court is an idiot as they must not know there are laws that prohibit that.

Marlene Newell said...

Howard Gere is not a man -- but a woman (initials CMW), and we found out her identity quite accidentally. See, after Jane posted the comment above, CMW copied the entire comment on Truth Be Told and spoke about it in the first person; yes, as though she were Howard Gere. So I clicked on her facebook page to see who she was, as I was not at all familiar with her name.

Unfortunately, by the time I got back to TBT, CMW had deleted her post, obviously because she realized she had used her real identity instead of the fake Howard Gere identity. If I hadn't been reading comments at just the right moment, we would not have found out her identity.

We then discovered that CMW is accused of being a cyber-bully. Her accuser and alleged victim expressed opinions about the Michael Jackson case, and apparently that is what led to the alleged cyber-bullying and stalking. So that's why "Howard Gere" accused me of making death threats towards Sneddon, as Sneddon was the DA after Jackson -- she just got her cases confused.

CMW is a prolific poster on the Topix forums and often has very unkind and very untrue things to say about me. It's obvious from her facebook page that she has an active life, has family and lots of friends, a new career, and so it's very hard to understand why she would spend so much time in such evil, useless behavior.

I'm still thinking over whether I should fully expose her and put up the link to the accusation that she is a cyber-bully. I'm just not sure it would serve any good purpose.

Robert Stanford said...

It always serves a good purpose to expose - to spotlight that which is hateful, evil and wrong.

You are showing that right here on this beautiful website.

RoseMontague said...

I am not seeing those comments, maybe they have been deleted? I wanted to tell you guys that I miss our conversations at the Injustice Anywhere.

It looks like you have all left the forum. If not on this case there are some other worthy cases there if any of you ever want to branch out.

Jane said...

Rose, the Howard Gere posts have been deleted on TBT. We do have copies of them.

As long as this accused cyber bully CMW, known to you as Laci's Voice, continues to post on Injustice Anywhere, we will not be back.

LA Curry said...

Thanks for all that info, Marlene. Once again, the right timing was on your side on this one. While I realize it is not popular to take the time instigating legal actions, I would hope you would at least consider it because people like this need to understand that you just cannot make false accusations against someone exercising their right to free speech within the confines of what the law provides. Threatening anther with legal action on the Internet is, in itself, cyber bullying and thus a crime. Isn't it amazing how some of these most hateful and judgmental folks discussing the Scott Peterson case can be the ones that turn right around and break the law? I just cannot understand that mentality. Cannot people discuss and debate without trying to ruin another person by spreading lies about another person they know NOTHING about?