Saturday, June 23, 2012

Want to discuss the Direct Appeal process?

This blog allows comments, and sometimes those comments lead to some interesting conversations.  However, as new articles are posted, it's difficult to go back and add to a conversation, much less have anyone else see what you added.

I've had a discussion forum several times before - - which have been closed down because there wasn't anything new to discuss -- only so many times you can beat a dead dog.

Now that the Direct Appeal process is finally out of the starting gate, I've decided to open the SII forum again.  It's old members are still there, so if you try to register and your favorite username is already taken -- yep, it's probably you.  If you can't remember your password, just ask for an email reminder.

I don't expect much participation until the brief is filed and available to the public.  But some of you may have fun trying to predict what will be in the brief.  Remember, though, this is the Direct Appeal, and only certain things go into a direct appeal.  And, I'll keep this forum open as long as there are new things to discuss - - once we start beating dead dogs, I'll shut it down and wait until something comes up again.

Here's the link:

I will still be posting articles to this blog, and comments will still be welcome.  The forum is just for those who want a continuous, more intense discussion.

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