Friday, May 11, 2012

Great news for Scott!

This is great news, as it unseals these transcripts so the appellate attorneys can know what went on at these hearings -- and it also makes them public record.  One would think the transcripts of all hearings would be automatically available to the appellate attorneys, but such is not the case.  Lots of hoops for them to jump through, which unnecessarily extends the time and increases the costs in filing appeals.

Record ordered unsealed
Appellant's "Application for Order Unsealing Portions of the Record on Appeal," filed on April 3, 2012, is granted. The Clerk is directed to unseal the following portions of the sealed record on appeal in People v. Scott Peterson, S132449, and make them part of the public record: RT 10854-10952 (June 23, 2004); RT 13730 (July 26, 2004); RT 13835-13836 (July 27, 2004); RT 19371 and 19401-19418 (October 19, 2004); RT 19878 (October 25, 2004); RT 20713 (November 9, 2004); RT 20878-20932 and 20960 (November 30, 2004); RT 21021-21023 (December 1, 2004). The Clerk is further directed to send copies of these records to counsel for respondent.


Bruce Dombrowski said...

Any idea what will be revealed that is not already known in regards to guilt or innocence?

Marlene Newell said...

Bruce, we're anxious to know the subject of those sealed hearings, too. We're trying to figure that the subject matter for each of the sealed portions from the information we have from the transcripts, but it will take us awhile.

LA Curry said...

Thanks, Marlene....interesting update. Here's my two sense....I don't expect any of these unsealed docs to point in favor of guilt or innocence....BUT....I totally believe they will provide further proof of error and an unfair trial.

Burkey said...

Marlene....hey! I have been really out of the loop.

This is GREAT news.

The more sunlight gets on this the better.

Jane said...

I think it can be said that, with the exception of July 26, all of the pages to be unsealed deal with In-Chambers conferences concerning juror issues. ( i.e., dismissal of first Juror #5, Jury first viewing of boat, juror ill, envelope with letter from juror, Juror #7 excused, Guinasso and the bartender).

In several cases, only one or two pages from the hearing are to be unsealed.

*For more detail about the days in question, check the court minutes on pwc-sii.