Friday, September 9, 2011

Nancy Grace sizes up her chances

Nancy says she's not the youngest, not the thinnest, not the prettiest, but she has heart and that should count for something.  I agree -- if she had a heart, that would count for something.  But if she does have one, she certainly doesn't let it get in the way of her job as the all-knowing judge and jury for the American court system.

Interviews with the contestants

Grace's dancing partner is a newbie for the show, Tristan MacManus.   


The guy next door said...

its friday...I have been drinking...I'll have to get back to you on this one...Just know that the guy next door will have a comment on this subject for sure...%)

Marlene Newell said...

I met Nancy Grace at Scott's trial, the few days she attended, and if I didn't already know who she was, I would have thought her a very pleasant, likable person. So I think she will be a pleasant contestant to watch, if you don't already dislike her.

Jane said...

Some really mean people are very charming, i.e. Nancy Grace. She must be a sociopath.

The guy next door said...

I would not say that Nancy Grace is a unattractive woman. It is certain to watch her dance would be entertainment. Watching people dance allows you to see alot of things about them. Unfortunatly when she opens her mouth is when she become down right ugly.

When she tells her story you would think that she is dedicated to her cause, that nothing would deter her from dealing out her form of justice...Dancing with the stars is so far off of her calling that it makes me wonder...

Nancy is quick to observe how people appear to be guilty of a crimes based on thier actions. How one thing can mean another...I wonder what does this mean, what is she hiding??? wasnt there something about a fiance that was killed? Is Nancy involved in some sort of cover up? Should we search her home for an answer? Should we look at her childhood dolls to look for signs of abuse? Question everyone of her friends and family, old boy friends? Should there be 1 hour special? A Facebook page? Should we call in the experts? We really need to get to the bottom of this...why would she go from fighting for justice to DWS??? if some thing isnt done what will be next??? The Nancy Grace Variety show?

I know its a rant...but a sober one such as it is. JMO

Lowflyin' Lolana said...

I personally have known several absolutely charming people --attractive, well-spoken, seemingly intelligent and funny---who, when not observed by people they want to impress, become absolute assholes from hell, with pure evil shining out of their inner cores.

Now, Peterson did not strike me that way based on his words and actions as reported pretty much anywhere, under extreme pressure as we all know.

But that insanity surely exists and I really did sorta lol at Jane's comment.

Does anyone here know/speculate about Building 7? I realize it's off-topic..

Lowflyin' Lolana said...

Sorry, it's me, Cindi. I guess I am logged in to my other blogger account on this computer.

Burkey said...

Well I guess that answers that.

Burkey said...

Well, that sure cleared everyone out! Did I fart up the party, or what?!

Jane said...

No you didn't. Some of us who support Scott Peterson don't comment on political issues because they have caused hard feelings in the past. People who support Scott are on both sides of political issues.

But, how about the Nancy Grace "wardrobe malfunction?" I haven't been able to stomach her since the SP trial--so I have no idea. I think she's on Dancing trying to prove she's a real person. It won't work.

Marlene Newell said...

Jane, the wardrobe malfunction happened at the end of the dance, and the cameras covered for it quite quickly -- they usually have at least one wardrobe malfunction a season. The season Cloris Leachman was on, her wig came off quite unintentionally.

I think you would be surprised at how amicable and friendly Grace is coming across. She was downright delightful to watch as she did the quick-step -- she glowed in fact. And she did a very good quick-step for the 2nd week.

I've noted this before, when I met her in Redwood City at the trial, you would not know it is the same woman -- her personality in her private life is on the other extreme of what she protrays in her job.

It's really too bad that she has such an alter-ego -- I think it may stem from the anger/hurt/trauma of losing her fiance -- she channeled it all into "getting even" with every person she even slightly suspects is guilty of a crime. That's certainly no excuse, but on the dance floor, she is the friendly, amicable, sweetheart of a person that she was in Redwood City, not the witch trial prosecutor we see on TV unrelentlessly condemning suspects with little or no evidence, and repeatedly misstating what little evidence there is.

full time mom said...

I saw her without make up and I'm telling ya, without it, she looks older then dirt and not attractive at all. On the first Tues when they were announcing those who were safe or unsafe, she was so rude to the couple who were safe. Didn't congratulate them, heck, she didn't even moved. The second week when she did the fast step, she was too stiff.
Does she know that she's married? the way she strokes Tristan's cheek is done in such a way that you would think he was her boyfriend.
I was chatting with a woman on facebook and she said she lived in Modesto and was in the courtroom during the Peterson case. She said she sat next to Nancy Grace and said how Grace was such a nice person.
I told her she would think differently if Grace decided you were guilty of something, even when there is no evidence against you, she'll make it up. I wish Grace would stop asking people to vote for her. It shows how desperate she is to win and I'm sorry, if your not good enough, you don't deserve the vote. Her fans don't care though. I've seen on facebook where they tell her they are going to vote 12 time for her. To do that, you are going to have more than one phone because you can only vote a certain amount of times. On line, you can vote only 9 times, on the phone, I think it's the same. Needless to say, I didn't vote for her. I think the third week will be her last.

Marlene Newell said...

Rabid fans who vote just because they are rabid fans are not knew to these kinds of shows -- that's a big part of the reason they select some stars, because they know they will bring the fan base, and thus the ratings. A few seasons ago we saw the opposite -- people voting against Bristol Palin just simply because they hated her mother.

I don't usually watch results shows, just pick up on the internet who was eliminated, but the dozen or so I have watched, there's always awkward moments when the couple eliminated is announced -- I've seen some really awkward moments. So if Grace didn't appear to be acting right, it's probably just one of those awkward moments.

I think Grace's dancing is quite good -- she's in the middle of the pack and I think she deserves to be there. Her quick step deserved the 8 it got from Len, IMO -- she was energetic, light on her feet, simply glowed during the dance, and the routine had all the elements of a classic quick-step.

This week, however, she followed JR's dance, with that emotional tribute to the men and women in uniform who don't make it back home, superbly danced with such deep emotion -- so her dance seemed very blase, even though her own story would normally arouse some emotion. Her dance, again, was in the middle of the pack. So, IMO, there are those who "deserve" to go home before Grace -- such as Chaz Bono, who danced a courageous message to be sure, but he's just not coming along as a dancer.

I expect to see Grace around a couple more weeks -- I think her fan base + her acceptable dancing will keep her there.

I don't think Grace is a better dancer than Kristin Cavallari, who got eliminated tonite -- but she is definitely a better dancer than Chaz, and she's at least as good as some of the others.

Marlene Newell said...

Well, we've seen some good dancers eliminated because Chaz's fan base is sufficient to keep him on the show, in spite of the fact that he's by far the poorest dancer. But it's about stars and entertainment, not a dance competition.

The question is, what is the strength of Nancy Grace's fan base? Is she picking up any supporters as other dancers get eliminated? Can she outlast Chaz?

I agree with the judges last week - Grace's paso was lackluster. She certainly didn't bring her TV personality to the dance floor, as her partner tried to get her to do. I'm sure it wasn't because she was afraid it would spoil her image, because the TV image is what her fans so adore.