Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The last extension was only for 2 months -- deadline of May 31 was extended to August 1 -- not 3 months as I stated in the previous article.


The guy next door said...

I keep thinking damn...another extension, must be hard on Scott having to be in prison this long. then I think of the aftermath of the Casey Anthony case winding down and think,If I was about to make my appeal this might not be a good time...those lynch torches are still hot, and Nancy Grace needs something to take the heat off of her.

Burkey said...

I know it might seem dorky wearing a T-shirt, but people really ask about it and I really get to explain the evidence and see people raising their eyebrows.

Looking around through YouTube and Topix and so forth, it's pretty clear that lots of people do have questions about Scott's conviction---even though there are still people who are convinced he did it and seem to still yearn for revenge. Just getting the conversation going has been pretty easy (I mean, the evidence is pretty startling when you consider how little exposure it got) and I've found it's a good tool to get the word out.
I keep thinking there's got to be a way to effectively and in a dignified way, build a public conversation about the facts in this case that extends beyond the computer, but maybe it's not possible, or even desired? Anyway, I just wear the shirt, and tell people if they ask, and the response has been respectful and interested. At least so far.