Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another filing extension requested

We finally have information about the opening brief that was due to be filed on June 1.

06/09/2011Application for relief from default filed  and request for extension of time to file appellant's opening brief. (3rd request)

I believe these requests are pretty liberally granted, so I don't expect the CASC to deny it.  I assume it will be a standard 90-day extension.


Putty said...

DO you think that is a good thing that they keep asking for extensions? Lets hope that they are building a strong case with evidence that even the biggest anti scott peterson fan can't ignore or debate.

Marlene Newell said...

It may have to do with the entry dated Jan 19, 2010: "copy of order from Superior Court of Stanislaus County assigning Judge Scott Steffen on January 15, 2010 for matters related to certification of the record for accuracy. (Order signed by Presiding Judge Jack M. Jacobson.)" I don't see any entry after that to state that this has been completed. Briefs can't be filed until the record (transcripts, exhibits, etc) is certified for accuracy. So I suspect that might be causing the delays.

Burkey said...

Very interesting..thanks for the update.

Scott should be freed. There is simply no evidence.

I hope this is not a farce that's playing out, because criminal justice at this point in time looks pretty grim to me.

4th Amendment gone, eyes are on the 1st.