Friday, April 22, 2011

Sharon Rocha validates Dr. March: It finally came back positive

I used to publish articles in a Constant Contact Newsletter before using this blog.  Since these are no longer available to the general public, I thought it would be wise to repeat some of them here.  This particular article was published on January 15, 2006, when the SII forum was still open.

As members of SII's bulletin board have perused Sharon Rocha's book, "For Laci," they have commented on various items of interest. One member noticed that Sharon validates Dr. March. If you remember, Dr. March testified that Conner did not die before December 29, and Laci's home pregnancy test on June 9, 2002, was part of the information he used to draw his conclusions. David Harris attempted to dispute the significance of the June 9 HPT. He succeeded, at least to the jurors, who gave March zero credibility. 
However, Sharon validates Dr. March's emphasis on the importance of the June 9 HPT. On page 59, she relates the conversation she had with Laci at 7 a.m. that Sunday morning. 
"I'm pregnant!" she said. "Mom, I'm pregnant! I can't believe it. I just took the test. I'm pregnant!" "It finally came back positive?" I said. "Ah-ha," she said, thrilled. "I'm pregnant." "That's great news, Laci," I said. "Congratulations!" 
Laci "just took the test" proves that she did in fact take it on Sunday morning. "Finally came back positive," proves she had taken previous tests that were negative. Dr. March was absolutely right. Sunday, June 9, was very important in establishing just how old Conner was when Laci disappeared.
 Another member of the SII forum, Carey-Ann Sandell, did an excellent two-part analysis of Dr. March's testimony from the perspective of a woman in Laci's situation, trying very hard to get pregnant.

Understanding the Importance of Dr. March's Testimony:  The "Trying to Get Pregnant" Culture 

Understanding the Importance of Dr. March's Testimony:  The Adjusted Due Date

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