Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's all speculation, according to Juror No. 9

American Justice has a video of a portion of an interview by Julia Zanartu, Juror No. 9.  It does not provide any information about who conducted the interview or when.  If this link doesn't take you directly to the interview, then click here and scroll down to the bottom where it says to Click here to view the videos, which includes Zanartu's interview.

In this interview, Zanartu does not sound at all confident in the verdict.  She starts off by admitting there "was a lack of a crime scene, there wasn't any physical evidence."  She goes on to say that "
I guess people, some people thought there could have been scenarios why he would have had a fishing license ahead of time and maybe it was something that just sort of happened, spur of the moment type of thing, you know, and it could have been a coincidence that he had bought the boat, and told Amber he lost his wife, bought a fishing license, you know things like that, because it's, you know, each thing in itself was, you know, speculation or whatever, but we just had to make sure everybody put everything in perspective and put it all together and made sense.
There you have it, Scott Peterson was convicted on speculation.

Speculation that he bought the boat specifically to dispose of Laci, when a boat not only was not necessary, given the many opportunities in the area to dispose of her body without a boat, it created an additional crime scene to clean up and an unnecessary attention-getter.

Speculation that he bought a fishing license -- for what reason?  You can't kill someone with a fishing license, and you certainly don't need a fishing license to use a boat in the Bay.

Speculation that he told Amber he had lost his wife because he intended to kill Laci.  How ridiculous to think he would announce such plans to Amber.

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