Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Albany Bulb - A Curious Place

I've made a couple of trips to the Albany Bulb, which is quite a peaceful, restful place. It is becoming more heavily used as an off-leash dog park and a number of homeless still live there. I don't see any problem with that -- they've got their tents and they don't appear to bother the visitors. At least no one has ever bothered me.

This last visit I took some photographs of the mini-amphitheater that greets visitors as they go onto the neck of the Bulb. The blue marker in the aerial shows its locations, but the aerial does not do justice to the structure. Click to enlarge.


Bruce Dombrowski said...

i see soem wave action in the first picture, any surfing going on at this spot?

Marlene Newell said...

I've seen some water sports going on in that area -- it's very accessible. Lots of dog walkers have their dogs run off-leash along the beach.

Burkey said...

Are the waves surfable? Did you notice anyone or was it other water sports?

Very pretty pics of the Albany Bulb by the way, the stonework.