Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Too many are annoyed by the ethic demands on our Criminal Justice system

Someone posted a comment to the Weather on December 24 article calling my attention to this current story in the San Francisco Chronicle: Judge: Caramad Conley wrongly convicted of murder. The story is of a man wrongfully convicted through willful prosecutorial misconduct.

As usual, I clicked on comments to see what people think of this story. The very first comment I read represents mainstream America, I believe. Even though the comment, as of this time, has received only one thumbs up and seven thumbs down, I've read it in its various versions on far too many of these kinds of stories to think it's an anomaly.

For all those who get so liberally outraged over potential ethics violations, imagine a world where cops, prosectors, judges and juries do everything by the book. YOU WOULD NOT BE HAPPY. You would not remain holier than thou. Not after murderers, rapists, molesters, and repeat violators repeatedly get set free because there's so rarely enough air-tight evidence to convict them for their crimes.


Burkey said...

Ah, the classic FearMonger!

A frightful creature.

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