Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Conner Recovery Site Field Trip - October 6, 2010 PART 16

These are the last of the digital pictures from the Oct 6 field trip.

Click images to enlarge.

This collection of pictures indisputably proves Mr. Rick Distaso's statement in his Closing Argument is absolutely wrong.

"He came ashore. Remember that area where he came ashore is a tidal flat, so at high tide it's covered with water all the way. At low tide it's ground. He came ashore on a heavy storm surge. In fact, when you go back and look at the pictures, you can see the line of debris where the heavier objects settled first and, you know, the lesser heavy objects, as the tide was receding."

You judge for yourself. Is Distaso just ignorant, or intentionally trying to deceive?

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