Sunday, November 14, 2010

Conner Recovery Site Field Trip - October 6, 2010 PART 7

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Burkey said...

These are really interesting. I have a little trouble getting my bearings, but the arrows are helpful. Here's my impression after seeing these: that the rise of water into this area is very gentle (I don't see any crashing waves); and that Conner, floating, would more likely have become hung up on the rocks than make it to the grassy section. It doesn't seem likely to me that Conner washed ashore, either. Really seems like he had to have had help. It's always possible that someone came along previous to his being found and reported, and moved his body from the rocks to that area where he was found. It's possible that a person not wanting to be involved might have done that. But if Conner had been floating loose in the ocean, it really seems like he would not have been as intact as he was when he was found. Especially since there was no sign of animal feeding at all. That doesn't make sense to me if he was floating in the ocean for any length of time.