Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Conner Recovery Site Field Trip - October 6, 2010 PART ONE

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The purpose of this field trip was to:

1. Observe whether People's 100 accurately represents the Conner Recovery site at high tide.
2. Observe what happens to debris as the tide recedes.

NOAA predicted the high tide on October 6 would reach 6.33 ft, just short of the 6.39 ft verified water level for People’s 100 – that’s less than ¾ of an inch difference. NOAA’s preliminary water levels give the actual water level as 6.35, less than ½ inch lower than 6.39. Verified water levels won’t be available until approximately December 6, 2010.

Wind data was also taken from the NOAA. The UC Berkeley station (BAAQMD) will not have wind data for this date till approximately January 6, 2011.

This report repeatedly calls attention to these critical water levels:

 5.45 ft. = MHW, average of all high tides
 5.77 ft. = High tide on morning of April 12, 2003 (the storm)
 5.88 ft. = High tide on morning of April 13, 2003
 6.05 ft. = MHHW, average of all higher high tides
 6.39 ft. = People’s 100

This report includes more than 150 pictures taken on October 6 to help the reader better understand what the Conner Recovery Site looks like at critical water levels and what happens to the debris as the tide recedes.

[to be continued]


Burkey said...

How did you know where to put the flag indicating where Conner was found?

Was there something marking it already?

Great pics, can't wait to look at the rest. I think it's cool you went over there and did this.

Marlene Newell said...

On August 13, 2009 I and some friends manually measured the location, but couldn't get a very precise measurement because it's very hard to keep a tape straight and to know which rocks to measure from. On the 14th we returned with a laser measuring device and that made it easier to coordinate the two measurements. We the put a flat rock to mark the place, but left the other rocks from the previous day in place, too. When I returned on the 6th, it was very easy to find the rocks.

Anonymous said...

Marlene, how do we contact you? We need to talk.

Marlene Newell said...

you can email me at