Friday, November 12, 2010

6th Anniversary of the verdict

6 years ago today, a jury convicted Scott Peterson of the 1st degree murder of Laci Peterson, and the 2nd degree murder of Conner Peterson. That combination of verdicts alone tells us this was not a logic-based decision. How could Scott plan and prepare to murder Laci, when he knew very well she was pregnant with his child, whom they already decided to name Conner, without also intending to kill Conner? But that aside, these anniversaries are painful reminders that overturning a wrongful conviction is a very long process -- and, regrettably, the deck is stacked even more against the convicted than against the defendant. I receive comments quite regularly pointing out Scott's continued presence on death row as evidence that the convictions were correct. However, I remind all of you naysayers, not a single brief in a single appeal has yet been filed. This is a very time consuming process.

Speaking of comments to this blog, I received one a few days ago that is not fit to be published because of the filthy language and name calling. I guess this person isn't aware that I've been called such and such so many times by so many people that these insults are like water off a duck's back. I do, however, want to respond to one accusation in the posted comment, that I am making a mockery of baby Conner's death. Conner's death was mocked by the shoddy investigation into Laci's disappearance and by the wrongful conviction of his father. I present these pictures to inform the public what the Conner Recovery site is really like because that information was not presented at trial. Not only was the truth about this site not presented, but blatant falsehoods were presented in truth's stead. That is another mockery of Conner's death.

I will resume posting the pictures of this last field trip tomorrow, but today it's appropriate to mourn the dastardly deed that was committed in that Redwood City courtroom 6 years ago.


Burkey said...

The opposite of what your anonymous critic says, is true. Seeking to know the truth about what happened is the highest form of respect one can pay to the lives of Laci and Conner.

If the conviction is righteous, there is nothing to fear from public review of the details.

Mainstream media has failed utterly in this, despite their eagerness to make a profit showing pictures of Laci's and Scott's faces. That is disrespect, that is a mockery, and that is exploitation.

I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said dissent is the highest form of patriotism. There are people who don't understand the value of it. Without it, there's no way to get to the truth. And without the truth, there is no possibility for justice. None whatsoever.

Burkey said...

The stuffed animals in the water are a little bit creepy though....;D just sayin..

Marlene Newell said...

Not as creepy as a baby being left on the mudflat, exposed to the elements and hundreds of birds and insects, not knowing how long he would be there before being found, if at all found. And what is the justification for this absolute disregard for the sacredness of this little baby that has lost its life? The opportunity to frame Scott Peterson, to send Scott Peterson to death row?

Burkey said...

I hear you...It would be nice to have some sort of memorial rock there to mark the place.

Bruce Dombrowski said...

"not knowing how long he would be there before being found, if at all found."

If the body was planted, why plant it somewhere where it might not be found at all?

Marlene Newell said...

good question, Bruce. I've often wondered why a site so little-used would be chosen, but it may be that it was their best choice. If we knew exactly who put the body there, and why, we'd better be able to understand it. Too many people get caught up on "why would they do that" -- the evidence speaks for itself. If he didn't wash ashore, and there is more than sufficient evidence to prove that he didn't, both in the too-low water levels and his location behind the debris line -- then he was placed there by human hands. And there were people on the mudflat over by the picnic table when the body was found. It's only briefly mentioned in Gard's testimony. Apparently, none of the officers at the site asked these people to identify themselves or how long they had been there. I had missed that little tidbit of information until recently.