Friday, May 7, 2010

The Justice Gang is open, with a New Direction

When I opened The Justice Gang, I wanted an unrestricted conversation about what happened to Laci Peterson. I was foolish to think anyone that wasn't already convinced Scott was factually innocent could be persuaded by reasoned discussion. As always, when points couldn't be argued on their face, the contenders resorted to Scott's behavior: he had the affair, he didn't act like a grieving husband, who goes fishing 90 miles from home on Christmas Eve, blah blah blah.

So I closed the forum down. I have less patience than I thought with people who will not think out of the box and, worse yet, will not think for themselves. Scott was convicted, end of story, don't bother me with facts. Well, thank God someone questioned the validity of Raymond Towler's conviction, for which he served 30 years for a rape he did not commit. He has finally been proven innocent by DNA, although it took 6 years for the state of Ohio to get the testing done. Read about this recent exoneration at

Because it takes such extraordinary efforts to exonerate a wrongfully convicted person, Scott needs all the help he can get. I know he has seasoned appellate attorneys working on his behalf, but ordinary people can help, too.

So The Justice Gang is open again. All the other forums remain the same. However, the Scott Peterson forum is to answer the question, "What happened to Laci Peterson?" with the automatic exclusion of all opinions that accuse Scott Peterson.

Let me repeat -- all opinions about what happened to Laci Peterson are welcome EXCEPT those that say Scott did it.

Posts in the Scott Peterson forum, or anywhere else, that suggest Scott is guilty, in any way, direct or indirect, knowingly or unwittingly, will be deleted. If another member replies to any such post, it will be deleted also.

Negative comments to this article will not be published.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for yor family having to go through such a horrific event with the murder of Laci.

With that said,I can't see your point of comparing a crime proven by DNA and the case against Scott?

I watched some of the trial and of course I have not seen near as much evidence as the jury saw.

what alarmed me was Amber's testimony that Scott told her Lacy was "lost" before she was lost. this points to Scott's mindset just prior to the event. Unless you are going to say Amber didn't hear that statement,thence can assume Scott was creating an image of a widower before Laci's death. just how do you get around this?

If there is evidence that Scott didn't do this please by all means spell it out loud and clear,step by step,fact by fact for the public to see. Im not trying to be rude I just haven't seen anything on this blog that showed me Scott is innocent.

I'm more than willing to listen to any info you have


Marlene Newell said...

Charlee, it's not my family that has been wronged -- it's the Peterson family. I did not know any of the Petersons or Scott and Laci before this happened. We were total strangers. My concern was and is that our guilt-prone culture is undoing the Constitutional protections given to us by our founding fathers.

To be honest, I don't believe anything Amber Frey said. Of all people involved in this case, with the exception of the ones who actually abducted and murdered Laci and Conner, she had the most reason for putting herself in the best light and Scott in the worst light possible.

For overwhelming evidence that Scott did not murder Laci and Conner, please visit The Home page lays out the case for Scott, and the links provide a lot of additional detail. But it doesn't just have my opinions - it has all of the court documents and transcripts, and most of the exhibits. So it is a very useful site no matter which side of the fence you are on.

And while you are there, visit the research page, and there you will find a link to an analysis of the Amber phone calls.

You can also visit the Peterson website at, which has several Featured Facts that correct a lot of myths.

Anonymous said...

No u fat fuck it is the rocha family that has been wronged....OMG ur so fucking stupid it is rediculas

Marlene Newell said...

Anonymous, I published your comment to expose your very low intelligence. Unfortunately, the investigation into Laci's disappearance was as lame as your spelling and as foul-smelling as your language.

LACurrry said...

To have it is not the job of the defense to prove innocence is up to the prosecution to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the person being tried is guilty...period.

Too many people listen to what Fox News and other stations and other media reported, whether it was true or not. Believe me, if you go to that link given above, and look into all the court documents, there will be a reasonable doubt in your mind. There was nothing but vague circumstantial evidence. Believe me, I am still reading about this case. Why? Because I still cannot believe Scott was convicted. That is not meant to imply I believe he is innocent, because only he knows that...but it does mean to imply that there should have been more than a reasonable doubt in the jurors minds.

By the way, I have no affiliation with the family of Scott or Laci or anyone on this site.