Friday, October 3, 2008

New evidence of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Rick Disatso and Dave Harris blatantly lied to the Jurors, the Judge, and the American People when they presented People's 100 as representing the Conner site at high tide.

Read the details: The Jetty does not fill with water at every high tide . . .


Anonymous said...

It is only a matter of time before the truth will finally be seen and heard. The glitz of fame and cameras got the police, and DA's office excited to be put on the map.

There was no evidence only theories.

We hope and pray that the truth will be seen and Scott is exonerated and gets home.

Thank you again for taking the time to post this information.

De Rita Wichman Small
Manteca, CA

Anonymous said...

Innocent people on death row would scream as loud as they could, that they are INNOCENT. They would freely allow to be interviewed. They would not be evasive. They would not lie. They would fight for their life. And Scott has done none of those things. Scott and the Lord know exactly what happened to Laci and Conner and he will have to be judged on his day and there will be no lying or evasiveness then. It's just incredibly sad that he has continued to put his family through so much pain and turmoil. The truth is so much easier.

Streetdreamer said...

You're comment was "innocent people". That assessment isn't accurate. The truth is you never wanna tip your hand as to what your defense will be. But he did give a few interviews.

I honestly dont think Scott expected to be convicted, in fact I believe at some time he expected to find his wife because he said "I dont want this to be about me, but about finding my wife". That was his sole intent on staying out of the media.