Friday, June 6, 2008

Rocha v. Peterson -- Update

The Judge ruled in Scott's favor!

As reported by the Modesto Bee

Judge Roger Beauchesne ruled Friday that Peterson's conviction and death sentence would not speak for themselves during a wrongful death trial. Beauchesne stayed his ruling until June 23 to allow lawyers to appeal.
Attorneys for Laci Peterson's father, Dennis Rocha, and mother, Sharon Rocha, argued that the facts of the case were already settled. Beauchesne disagreed, saying there were still issues in the case sufficient to be re-tried.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe Mr. Peterson's guilt was ever proven. The civil case will include facts which may have been left out of the criminal trial. This may backfire on the Rocha Family.

Marcia said...

After following this trial, and reading the transcripts, I am astounded at what has passed for justice in this case. Every single piece of evidence pointed AWAY from Scott Peterson. But the media had chosen to convict him, and the jury wanted to be stars on tv. Even the judge commented on the errors that the prosecution had committed, with his petrie dish comment. This case alone convinced me that the death penalty should be abolished. If months of testimony proving someone's innocence can be totally disregarded by a jury, then we have no business having a death penalty which ensures that innocent people will be put to death.

Zold1 said...

The mere fact the Judge determined there were issues in this case means it is not cut and dried for the Rocha's. This case is far from over and there is an innocent man on death row in California. That is disgusting! There was no true physical evidence and the media did an injustice with their constant bombardment for guilt in an overwhelming media driven hate case. Scott Peterson is 100% Innocent and a whole lotta people have a whole lotta explaining to do! Zold1

Marlene Newell said...

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Lynn said...

I agree that if the case is on appeal then the civil case should be held especially in a circumstancial case like this one.

I can understand the frustration for Lacey's family but I believe the judge is doing the right thing to protect all persons' rights in this matter.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone can get a fair trial if anyone from Modesto Police force is involved,ie.Brochinni,known by many other staff as the dirtiest cop on MPD.He has repeatedly lied on the stand,not just in this case,but many others.Consequently all his mistakes in the Peterson case have just got him promoted to Sgt.Everyone involved in this case who works for the city of Modesto has promoted,cause its the dirtiest little city in the USA.The Rochas appear to be after money,not justice,as is shown by their constant lawsuits to drain Scott and the Petersons.