Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rita Cosby -- Has she stepped over the line?

On Larry King last night:

Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern have threatened to sue former MSNBC anchor Rita Cosby over allegations in her new book "Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's Death".

The most explosive of the allegations -- that Birkhead and Stern had an affair, were caught in a compromising position, and that it's all on video.

Regarding the alleged video, Cosby said:

RITA COSBY: I have not seen the videotape. But I will say that we have enough corroborating people who say that they have. We know people who clearly have been told there is a videotape that exists and have talked to people who have seen the videotape.

And if you pair that up, also, with suddenly these guys being best of friends; suddenly, also, Larry Birkhead telling Virgie Arthur, Anna Nicole Smith's mother, that they're going to come out with something -- she's asked, "Was there a tape?" and he wouldn't say.

And now suddenly this guy, who Larry Birkhead said was capable of a lot of things -- accusing him of money-laundering, accusing him of doing other things maybe connected to Daniel's death, maybe Anna Nicole Smith's death, and now they're friends.

I mean just look at the series of events and it begs the question why?

And I think the American public should be very concerned about the state this little girl is in. Here's this little beautiful little Dannielynn. And if you read my book and if you look at what these people are saying on record, they feel both of these guys are in cahoots, that they're into it for fame, for money and murder don't have this little girl's interests at heart.

I think America should be very concerned about journalists who will print such defamatory remarks without even bothering to verify that the alleged video actually exists and actually shows what is claimed.

Cosby should be ashamed of herself for including this information in her book without having seen the video herself. People do lie, people do exaggerate, people do misinterpret. For Cosby to make such a defamatory statement based on hearsay evidence is not acceptable, and she should be sued, as well as her publisher.

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Debbie said...

Hi Marlene, It's Debbie from Florida. Your new site is FABULOUS. I couldn't agree with you more. Rita Cosby is so disgusting. Why can't things like this be stopped? There is a child involved and for whatever reason two guys that appear to really care about her. Larry (thankfully got his baby girl) and Howard who I think was caught in a situation that Anna forced him in to (claiming the baby was his). He could have caused a problem for Larry but he did the right thing, now Larry is doing the right thing by allowing Howard in the baby's life. Cosby should be banned from promoting her book and any media outlet that allows her to promote it is pretty low. Unless of course it is too let the public see that she is a fraud. Shame on Cosby! Thanks for keeping us informed like you always have done in the past.