Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nifong relinquishes his law license

From the News & Observer, August 15, 2007:

On August 7, Nifong mailed his law license to the N.C. State Bar, ending his legal career.

At the conclusion of his hearing, Nifong spoke through his attorney to tell the disciplinary panel that "he believes this has been a fair and full hearing of the facts, that he believes disbarment is the appropriate punishment in this case."

In his August 7 letter, however, he sang a different tune, "decrying the fundamental unfairness of how the bar treated him."

Nifong was upset about a change in the official written order of the Panel's decision. In it's oral ruling, the Panel found him guilty of 11 counts, but the first written order included only 10 counts. Duke law professor Robert Mosteller, who is writing two law review articles on the case, called the discrepancy to the Panel's attention, and it amended the written order.

Of this change, Nifong wrote:

"Mr. Williamson's e-mail assertion that the addition of a new conclusion of law based on the request of a Duke University law professor is merely a 'clerical correction' is preposterous beyond belief, and is further evidence of the fundamental unfairness with which this entire procedure has been conducted."

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