Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Mother's Pain

An excerpt from the Transcript for Ted Kimble's sentencing hearing, as spoken by his mother, Edna Kimble, to the Judge.

I have faced him, looked him in the eyes, and I have asked him did you kill your lovely wife. And he told me no.


As you make judgment on my son today, I would like for you to remember that you judge him -- you will be judging him as an innocent man. (Witness is crying.) I know who I raised and I know he's not a killer. And that's what I would like you to consider. To be merciful to him because the years that you put him in prison, I too will be in prison. Until I have victory over this, every day of my life will be like this. Every day I cry. And the crying won't stop because the pain is going to be always there that I can't hold him. I can't watch him laugh. I can't go to dinner with him like I used to. And every time I face him I have to know that I'm looking at an innocent man in prison for a crime he didn't do.

If you believe Ted Kimble is guilty, then you likely have no sympathy for his Mother. The Judge certainly had no sympathy for her, as he gave Ted the maximum sentence allowed by North Carolina law.

But if you believe he is innocent, as I do, then her pain compels you to do what you can to expose the truth about what happened on October 9, 1995, the day Patricia Kimble was brutally and senselessly murdered.

Visit the Kimble website to learn more about this wrongful conviction.

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